An Extremely Busy and Exciting Few Months!

Have neglected my blog over the past month purely for selfish reasons – to spend some quality time with the family making some wonderful summer memories.  After two magical weeks in France, it was time to come home and get back in touch with reality.

I returned home to some really rewarding news – i’d achieved A grade in my AS and to top it all discovered I’d done it without dropping one single mark!  Pretty proud of myself and now, really looking forward to the challenge of A2 in September 🙂  Am currently trawling magazines and texts books to get the creative juices flowing again and find some inspiration for my next set of projects – all suggestions welcome!

Photographically, it’s been a great couple of months and have been involved in some exciting projects which i’ve thorougly enjoyed.   Back in June I got chatting with a really nice guy who turned out to be a local events photographer.  A few weeks later he got in contact and asked if i’d be interested in helping him out at a couple of equestrian events.  Errrr, no brainer – YES PLEASE! Never having photographed horses before I approached with trepidation but needn’t have worried – it was an amazing experience and I managed to capture several shots I was really happy with.



It took a while to master the best method for me to catch the beasts in motion – tried lots of different techniques but found the best one for me was to switch to shutter priority, ditch the tripod and pan the subject locking focus prior to the jumps.  Be interested to hear how others approach this kind of work.

Next up – a photographic day at a local bird of prey centre.  What an AWESOME day.

Staff were absolutely brilliant and I learnt soooo much about some stunning birds.  Highly recommend Eagle Heights in Kent – well worth a visit.


Now it’s time to charge the batteries in readiness for tomorrow.  Have the pleasure of second shooting for a talented local wedding photographer.  Watch this space for some sneaky peaks…

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